Buying a car in France

Buying a car in FranceHaving lived here for a few weeks, we decided it made sense to get a
smaller run around car, for going to and from the airport, shopping
etc, although obviously Ian was loath to give up his weekly trips to
the supermarket!!

We intended to buy a second hand car, but interestingly in France,
they are very expensive, I think the craziest I saw was one that had
done 150,000 km and it was still £4,000!!

So, we decided to go for a small new car.

As I’m back and forward to the UK all the time, I thought it was a
good idea to do the test drives there, where I could ask all the
questions and critically understand the answers!

My favourite was a Citroen DS3, but we decided it was too expensive
for what we needed.

So, having looked around all the main dealers and read all the car
magazines we opted for a Toyota Aygo – now called Blanche!

Its a great little car. It felt more stable than the others and the
spec was very good. the model we bought includes air con, sat nav, CD
player etc, which alot of the “cheaper” cars don’t – I guess, as
always, you get what you pay for.

Buying the car was a great experience. The Toyota dealership had one
in stock, not in red as I initially wanted, but in white, (hence
Blanche), and the sales man, Lucas, went to a great deal of trouble to
speak English to us.

After the first visit, we went back a week later and collected the
car. he helped with all the paperwork, and for ease, we went with
their insurance, just to get us up and running.

Buying a car in France - Blanche

The service was amazing, with Lucas introducing me to everyone working there and presenting me with a bouquet of flowers before I drove away.

He went through every dial and detail, nothing was too much trouble.

Compare the experience to the one Ian is currently having trying to get his Hilux registered over here, and, if its feasible, I’d recommend buying here everytime.

It also makes the driving easier as well but having the wheel on the
left hand side.

Watch out for the speed cameras though. Even in a 1 litre car, you can
still get a fine, whoops!!!

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