Day trip to Paris by TGV

I knew the TGV train system had a great reputation but I hadn’t got round to actually using it.

I then had a need to go on a business trip to Paris, so decided to see how it went.

tgvThe local train station to us, Ruffec, has direct trains and also many more where you can change at Poitier.

The timings worked for me to get a direct train straight through to Gare Montparnasse.

I arrived for my 9.30 train and stepped onto the platform in Paris at 11.33.

I feared the speed might make me feel a little queasy but absolutely not. You could hardly tell how fast you were going.

The train was comfortable and clean and the overall experience superb.

The price was also very good. I pad around £70 one way, but if I’d been prepared to change at Poitier, this would have dropped by half.

I’d highly recommend it as a form of transport and it opens up options to have day trips to Paris – how cool is that!!

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