Le chien arrive à chez pouvet

Meet Fuchsia, or should I say, Lady.

We lost the last of our two dogs, Sadie, a beautiful Dalmatian, about a year ago, not long before we moved to France, but at 16, she’d had a great life.

le chien arrive a chez pouvet

We discussed getting a dog, but both agreed it was sensible to wait until the building work was further on. However, life in the winter in France, in a remote area like ours, can be vey lonely, especially for Ian whilst I’m away in the UK at work, and I was pushing him to get a dog, but he was very firm and said no!

So, I’d found a rescue centre down in the Dordogne, called the Phoenix Association. It was featured in the book Tout Sweet by Karen Wheeler,
all about her life moving to the Charente, and she got her little dog Biff from them.

I’d kind of adopted their dogs as virtual pets and then two weeks ago
saw they had 5 dalmatians listed that were in the local dog pound, the
Spa at Bergerac.

le chien arrive a chez pouvet - deux

Ian’s will power crumbled, and off we went last weekend to meet
Fuchsia, an 18 month old girl, who was being bullied by the other dogs
in the kennels.

We arranged with Sheelagh, from Phoenix, to meet her at the Spa so that she could help us with the language, people are so helpful, and

off we set on the 100 mile journey.
Fuchsia was with Sheelagh in the reception, looking very scared and
scarred from all the bites. Bless her she looked terrified.

The key was Ian feeling a bond and he was smitten within minutes.

We’d kept Sadie’s old bed, knowing one day we’d have another dog, and
so, anticipating the journey from hell, we did the paperwork and
lifted her into the car to make the trip to her new home.

It was like she breathed a sign of relief and snuggled into the bed and slept all the way home.

She is the gentlest dog you could meet and pretty well trained surprisingly, although keeping her off the sofa is proving to be a bit of a challenge!!

We can safely say she has made herself at home and is an absolute joy.

Getting a dog that would be great around guests was really important to us, and we have found a treasure. I get the feeling she is going to be a very spoilt pooch by all.

It gives you a great sense of doing the right thing getting a dog from a home. My old dog, Jess, came from Manchester dogs home, and I never forgot the sense of saving her from a fate I can’t bear to think about. Ian felt exactly the same about Fuchsia, or should I say Lady, as Fuchsia is the name she came with, but we’re thinking of changing it. There are so many abandoned dogs out there, in England and France, if you’re prepared to take a bit of a chance, I’d get a resuce dog everytime, it just makes sense.

So we’ll keep you posted on her antics, I have a feeling there will be many stories and photos to follow…

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