The French Health Service

healthcare in FranceOur first experience of the French Health Service has been brilliant. Ian has his first proper appointment with his GP, the first just being to renew his prescription when we initially arrived.

Having suffered a heart attack in the UK two years ago, we are blown away by the service we are now receiving. Don’t get me wrong, the NHS did a fantastic job during the critical phase, but once Ian was signed off, it was simply a process of renewing prescriptions without any further checks.

Not so in France!

A full examination took place and two further appointments were made by the GP whilst he was still in the surgery: first, to go to the medical laboratory for tests the following morning, the results of which were in our post the following morning, and then also a full check up two weeks later at the Cardiologist at the hospital. All of this after the initial examination showed no problems.

Having great health service is obviously important to us. We’d heard it was great, but our experience has given us a whole new insight into how good it truly is.

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